QR billing made easy!


QRBILL24 is a Swiss cloud service to help you produce invoices with ISO 20022 compliant payment instructions. With QRBILL24, you supply us with the payment details and we provide you with the QR code or the complete payment part already filled in.

Starting 2019, the ISO 20022 QR-bill is being introduced in Switzerland to replace the several variations of payment slips currently in use, see www.paymentstandards.ch. The well-known red postkonto paying-in slip and the orange BESR ditto will go away.

Migrating to the new QR-bill means significant changes or upgrades of existing accountancy systems, which is why we have been offering QRBILL24 since 2017 to help ease this transition.

We offer the qrBILL24 service in 4 different variations:

Free web serviceSFr0.00. Unlimited usage, user-friendly web-interface.
Pay-as-you-goSFr1.00 per trx, post-paid monthly
SubscriptionSFr499,00, annually, unlimited usage.
IntegratedSFr799,00, annually. Intended for transparent integration with existing systems.

Use the webservice to familiarise yourself with the system and try it out before you buy. The subscription and integrated service you can also try out for 30 days for free.

Free sample output for download:

Complete payment part, English, size A4, PDF: for adding to an invoice by printing on top
Complete payment part, German, size A5, PDF: for printing on a separate sheet of paper, to add to the invoice
Complete payment part, French, size A6, PDF: for completeness.
Size A6, PNG: for adding to your invoice before you print or send.
QR code only, PNG: for adding to your own payment part before you print or send.
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